FM100 - Announcers

Abraham Tom Gobo

I am the eldest from my only two boys in the family. Since the day i was born till now,clone wa...

Denise Homu Nawara

I am the FM100 Talkback Show producer, I work along side Roger Hau'of and its and honour to work with PNG' radio icon.

Kabua KJ Momo

Enjoy meeting new people and maintaining friendship KJ.MOMO

Patrick Patu


The Breakfast show starts at  at 6 am to 9am giving you the most comprehensive coverage and analysis of national an...

Roger Hau'ofa

Talk Back Show

The Talkback show is the flagship of FM100 and the longest running Talk Show in PNG w...

Tokana Hasavi Jnr

I come from a mixed parentage of New Ireland (Mum) and Morobe (Dad), and I'm fourth generation Bougainvillean (Mum) as well

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