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JACKY CLOUDE 12 Sep 2011

JACKY CLOUDE Album 02 SIKI HITS; Stragol Mangi Genre: Contemporary PNG (Highlands) Year recorded: 2011-2012 Artist: Jacky Cloude Origin: Pausa Village, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea Radio rating: Song List: Song title Language Style 1. SIKI NEMBA Enga Contemporary Pop 2. YAKALAE Enga Highlander upbeat 3. ACTING KI... more

Test New Artist 12 Sep 2011

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About The Newly Revamped Kalang Recording Studio 08 Sep 2011

To prove that the newly revamped Kalang Recording Studio is owned by the 7 million citizens of Papua New Guinea, we encourage everyone to have a say in the actual studio processes during recording and production of music albums, to maintain a fair representation of the listeners’ taste and views, even before an album gets to be released. This is achieved by prompting the listeners of our sist... more