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      Three men from Manus based in Madang will finally be received by their families in Madang either tomorrow or Friday after being missing for seven days out in the open seas between Madang and Aitape in Sandaun province. Madang Provincial Disaster Coordinator, Rudolf Mongalee told FM100 News that the trio were on their way to Manus wholesale replica breitling watches by sea on the 5th of this month when the engine of the boat encountered mechanical problem. This saw their dinghy swept by the current towards the Sandaun province and was spotted by an Indonesian fishing vessel which rescued the trio with 20 litres of fuel on the 11th of this month. The survivors then travelled towards Suaing on the East Coast of Aitape then followed the coastline to Limieng village where they were accommodated by a magistrate. Meantime, their repatriation 770 Capital replica omega constellation watches from Aitape via Wewak was made possible through the assistance of the Aitape District Administration as well as the trio's family in Madang who purchased the airline tickets from Wewak to Madang.