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Undialu And Potape Not Recognized As Hela Governor

      Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape and Koroba Lake Kopiago MP Philip Undialu have been rejected to be recognized as Governor of Hela Province. In a letter dated 17th of October 2016, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Sir Leo Dion stated that he will not recognize either of the two contenders for the Governor's seat. He says the purported election conducted during the Provincial Assembly Meeting on the 13th of September had raised questions on the legitimacy of some Members of the Provincial Assembly, who had voted and whether or not there was strict compliance of the Orders of Justice Colin Makail's National Court Decision on the 6th of September 2016. Meantime, Philip Undialu in a statement says the DPM was replying to Potape's letter to the DPM and Inter Government Relations Department asking them to recognize his purported election on 13th September 2016. Mr. Undialu says the substantive matter at the National Court is being further adjourned to 1st November 2016 because he claims that Francis Potape, Thomas Potape and Filbert Tuya the Deputy Clerk, were hiding from being served the court documents. He is calling on them to behave like leaders and to answer to the Courts directions. Mr. Undialu is also calling on the Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando and the Treasurer, Marago Daguba to refrain from facilitating any payments approved by Francis Potape who claims to be the Governor. He is of the view that failure to adhere to such process, will amount to fraud and misuse of public funds.